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First Coast Land Surveying, Inc. provides a full range of surveying services, including Boundary Surveys, Topographical Surveys, Tree Surveys, Elevation Certificates, Route Surveys, and many other surveying services. Please call us if you do not see the surveying service you are looking for.
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Boundary Survey - To establish or re-establish property lines of a parcel described in a deed or plat. This also includes location of improvements within the property. These surveys are needed when a property is being sold, subdivided, improved (addition, fence, patio, pool, etc) or when there may be a dispute as to the correct location of a common boundary lie. Mortgage Survey - Provides the necessary information for your lender when buying or refinancing a home. Topographical Survey - This type of survey measures the elevation of points on a particular piece of land and creates contour lines on a plot. These surveys are needed when planning a construction job. ALTA / ASCM Survey - ALTA (American Land Title Association)/ ACSM (American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. These types of surveys have outlined certain requirements and all requests must be met satisfying the client and the P.L.S. Legal Descriptions - We offer writing new legal descriptions for your parcels in question. This is generally needed when an error is found in the original legal description and you need to re-record an accurate and updated legal description. Tree Surveys - A tree survey locates, identifies, and measures the trees growing on a parcel of property. The position, type and diameter at chest height of each living tree are typically shown on a property. Tree surveys are often required by state, country or municipal permitting boards before approving new construction or improvements to a property. Elevation Certificates - This is needed to obtain flood insurance. Flood zones are deemed by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association) or NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) Route Survey - A route survey is for the design and construction of linear works, such as roads and pipelines. Liquor Survey - An Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Survey is required by law for any business seeking a license to sell alcohol on their property. This survey is to show that the business is not located closer then the law allows to any of a number of other types of facilities, such as schools, churches, daycare centers, residences, etc. Construction Project Survey - As-built surveys, foundation surveys, construction staking, site plans, Final Surveys etc. Survey work for permitting in your local city - When pulling a permit from your local city, they will require a certified boundary survey. Other services might be needed (ex. Site plan) and your local city will advise you of their requirements.
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